Premier Aerospace Company in Kuwait


To establish Kuwait as world leader in aerospace industry, by setting up manufacturing, research and development in Kuwait. 




  • Research and development of new UAVs
  • Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Pilot training for unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aircrafts through Kuwait Flight Academy
  • Post manufacturing modifications of UAVs. 
  • Autopilot and Payload integration for UAVs; Gimbals, SATCOMS and Radars.
  • Portable and mobile ground control stations (GCS)

"We aim to transform the aerospace industry and make middle east the pinnacle of aerospace innovation and technological excellence"

Kuwait Aerospace Technologies was established in 2013 with the aim of being world leader in aerospace industry and manufacture UAV in Kuwait. We believe in innovations, research and development and strive to be the best in the industry. 

KAT is able to tap into highly skilled manpower and very latest in technology to strive to excellence. Current UAV missions include search and rescue, research and surveillance. We aim to make Kuwait and middle east into a regional aerospace powerhouse with best in class research facilities, wind tunnels, design centres, manufacturing factories and flight schools to facilitate this growth. 

We integrate software, autopilot systems and other payloads for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We currently integrate all standard gimbals, communication systems and telemetry for UAVs. Further, we design and operate portable ground station and command control centers. 

In our endeavour to inculcate the spirit of science and innovation in Kuwait, we currently set up flight simulators and conduct pilot courses through our subsidiary company; Kuwait Flight Academy (KFA).